BookCon15_logo_1024Listen up Ladies and Gents! I’m going to BookCon 2015! Ordering my ticket TODAY! I’m so excited!

Especially since one of my last posts was about book conventions. I’m hoping that it will be everything I want it to be. I mean so many many authors I’ve read are going:

  1. John Greenfloatingbooks
  2. Rainbow Rowell
  3. James Dashner
  4. Jodi Picoult
  5. Lauren Oliver
  6. Margeret Stohl
  7. Marissa Meyer
  8. Meg Cabot
  9. Melissa de la Cruz
  10. Michael Buckley (whose book I just request through Edelweiss)
  11. Ridley Pearson
  12. Tony DeTerlizzi

That’s 12 authors/youtube stars/illustators that I am out of my mind anticipating to see! And I’m going to be smart about it this time! About a month ago Rita Williams Garcia came to speak at Rowan and I hadn’t bought a copy of One Crazy Summer. I had an e-edition, of course, but I don’t want author’s to sign my kindle. That’s just asking for it to be lost and/or stolen and/or broken in some way shape or form.

My point being that I had no book for her to sign and it saddened me. But I’m going to have books for BookCon AND I’M MAKING A SUPER AWEOMSE RRW SHIRT FOR IT!

For those of you who are new, and those of you who haven’t seen my shameless plug for my other project: Round Robin Writes is a collaborative writing project I work on. 4 Writers write 1 story (We’ll actually be accepting applications for additional teams come May) we also write book reviews and some writing prompts but I think with the additional teams that we’ll probably do away with the Writing Prompts soon and move toward more book culture articles. BUT THE SHIRT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! I’m planning on using the paint splatter logo currently featured on our Facebook page and using the back as a library card so that there will be lot’s of space for autographs.

OOOOOOOOH! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!Β tumblr_inline_mzqh3ex1U21rju2ib

End post.

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