Unicorn on a Roll ★★★★★+★★★★★+★★★★★+★★★★★+★★★★★

coverI had the absolute pleasure of reading this adorable middle grade graphic novel by Dana SimpsonUnicorn on a Roll is the modern Calvin and Hobbes, with girls and unicorns.

Aside from being hilarious and featuring amazing comic style art, this book draws on some great adult nostalgia (and I’m not just referring to Calvin and Hobbes)

2I absolutely love children’s books that are as much for the parents as they are for this kids. And Simpson’s book is totally for everyone. Boy, girl, child, adult, grandparent, it doesn’t matter you will love this book.

4We’re moved through the story by holidays and seasons, and I’m pretty sure my favorite was the Valentine’s Day mix-up. All of the stories have an air of maturity, heavily influenced by the eyes of  a child.

I’m so in love with this book I gave it five stars five times! The humor is smart, the characters build off of each other, and punchlines never stop. I, seriously, laughed on every page.

The only downside you are going to have right now is that it is not available until May 26th, 2015, but believe me, you’re going to want to pick this up.

Published by J. M. Tuckerman

J M Tuckerman is a New Jersey-based writer, blogger, and podcast talent. Tuckerman holds a BA in Writing Arts, an MA in Writing, and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. She is a proud dog mom, cat mom, archer, wife, and passionate book wyrm.

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