Haunted ★★✰☆☆

cover58519-mediumThe Arnaud Manor is creepy, unwelcoming, and perfect for Phoebe, who did something so horrible her family was forced to leave the country and move into her step-father’s old family home. Problem is, she doesn’t remember what she did. She’d ask her parents if they didn’t ignore her.

A big house might have made her feel empty, or lonely, but Phoebe gets the feeling that it isn’t entirely vacated. In fact, she’s pretty sure whoever–or whatever–is still around wants to hurt her family–especially her little sister Tabby.

You might suspect it right from the beginning and you would be correct: Phoebe’s dead. That’s a pretty big reveal to suspect from the get go. I gave this my best effort and honestly, I think the story is great. I really do. But I just don’t think it was presented well.

Phoebe meets a boy named Miles and they immediately finish each other’s sentences. It’s the dialogue that really turned me off in this piece. None of it seemed natural. I was about halfway through when I realized I still had no idea how Phoebe died. Which, if I’m being honest, is the only reason that I finished the book.

Carthage does have beautiful prose, it’s dialogue that I found lacking.

But since I enjoyed the idea behind the story: girl moves to old creepy family mansion, finds creepy ghost, ghost eats babies; I found it hard to rate this story. I mean, overall, I wan’t thrilled. But I wasn’t 100% bored out of my mind 100% of the time either.

So I gave it 2.5 stars. It seemed only fair since the piece is obviously thought out and my main issues with it are mechanical (well that and the what I feel is a very big revealed is not concealed very well).

It came out March 11, 2015. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and BAM.



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