Our 4th Class and Vlog #8

Just a funny side note: No one asked me why I was recording/taking pictures of class until I put a GoPro on Belle.

But now that everyone knows, people have been staying out of my camera shots! Hooray!

On to class:

We started with a low jump. Normally, Belle goes over these fine. I mean, she hesitates some but it’s not like she’s terrified to jump over anything… or on anything… or anyone… but she wouldn’t go over the jump at the beginning of class. As it turns out, someone had to poop.

So I would like to announce that this class was the first class that Belle did not go in class. We actually made it outside in time! So good on Belle. But that is why Belle is pushing me at the beginning of the video. She wanted to go potty and was trying to give me the hint.

Then we moved onto the tunnel.


The tunnel.

Belle hates the tunnel.

A lot.

But having the GoPro on her tells me why. To me, I can see the end of the tunnel. Also, I’m not sure that space is the issue here. Belle, c. 70lbs Belle, likes to hide under the couch, under my bed, under the table, etc. So I know it’s not the size of the tunnel. Considering she actually fits in the tunnel.

But the dark tunnel, which probably smells like a lot of other dogs, is scary. Dark and scary.

I feel like she would be better with it if I had one at home and just let her run through it and explore it so that she would think “Oh, we have this at home.”

Then we moved onto the dog walk. Belle is AWESOME on the dog walk. No really. She absolutely loves it. Wags her tail the whole time. Stops when I want her to. I seriously cannot complain about her behavior on the dog walk.

And then we did the A-Frame.


I thought she would have an issue with the height and the incline, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She even explored it before we started officially using it (which she shouldn’t have done because we shouldn’t let the dogs go on whatever they want to go on because they might do that at a competition, but I was glad she was exploring).

You can see her in the video as she goes up and comes back down there is little to no hesitation. She runs up and gallops down. In fact, the last time that I ran her up the A-frame, Belle hit the contact zone and then pretty much jumped up over the top and came back down.

Can’t wait for next week.

(PS-I’ll add the pictures later tonight. Enjoy the video!)

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  1. I love Belle’s eye view!! And I was legit so proud of her with the dog walk and the A Frame. πŸ™‚


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