Mean Themes and New Books

As you can see, I’ve updated the theme for my blog. Much more pink now. But when I did that, ALL MY WIDGETS VANISHED! It’s not hard to put them back up but–seriously–what gives. That was obnoxious.

In any case, I’m sitting at work, waiting for Mom to finish her work (yep, I work with my mom. Laugh all you want, I make my own hours) so we can go out to dinner AND SHE IS TAKING FOREVER.

Also my soda.

20588698So far this semester I have read 11 books. That’s 11 since about mid January. So 11 in a month. 8 of those are for school. Gonna make it a nice even 12 this weekend. Hopefully. I have Creative Non-Fiction, Graphic Novel, and Core 2 this semester (which I know I’ve mentioned before). The first book we read for Non-Fiction was Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl which is very funny (full of itself, but funny), then we switched to Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward and now Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn, which are depressing. They are so good and sad at the same time. Not in the way that John Green’s novel are good and sad… I think sad might be the wrong word. These books are mature. They are good, depressing, and mature. But so are the books I’m reading in Graphic Novel.

blanketsinside1The first 3 books were memoirs in graphic novel form, which was AWESOME. It was really different. Plus, the art is incredible! It really adds its own force to the work, you know? That’d be Blankets by Craig Thompson, Ethel and Ernest by Raymond Briggs, and Stitiches by David Small. I’d never really thought about how the art can really create its own voice and mood. I mean I have, but not in terms of literature. stitches-03And it doesn’t have to be really detailed or even colored to do it. It’s just weird that I hadn’t thought of it all that way. All the art I do on my own, and it never crossed my mind?

We’re about to get into the fictional graphic novels now… but I might have read them when they were first delivered to my house.

Don’t judge me.

I–seriously–just opened them up and finished them. briggs_raymond_ethel2-300x284Pick yourself up a copy of Vera Brosgol’s Anya’s Ghost and Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim. I dare you not to finish it in an hour.

Honestly, I dare you not to devour any of these graphic novels in an hour. You won’t be able to. They’re too good.

anya2And the art for Anya’s Ghost really screws with you. It looks like it’s going to be middle grade-esque and then BAM: murder. Read the book, you’ll see just how ambiguous I just was. Do it. I’ll wait.

And! As some of you know, I pre-ordered Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen (part of series I might add. YAY). And I was pretty upset because it came out February 10th, and I thought I wouldn’t have enough time to read it. Well… I did… and I loved it!

Now I’m in book series limbo for it. What a horrible place to be. Stuck waiting–for a year–until the next book comes out.

At least when I’m writing my own work I’ll always know what happens next.

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