This semester I have a huge research project due (bet you couldn’t tell that from the title of this post right?) and I’m hoping to do it on Agility Training for dogs. I can’t wait-the worst thing I could do though was look up information–all that did was lead me to Canine Musical Freestyle-which looks fantastically fun!

Can you imagine: me dancing with my enormous dogs? They’d be so cute at it! I did see, however, that the skills for musical freestyle are built off of agility skills-so at least I’m staring in the right place.

I’m hoping to hear back soon so that I can register for a class that’s Mondays at 12:30pm. It’s like the only one that fits into my schedule. Well, I’d better get on that.

Also-just so you know: while I am in school there are a lot of posts scheduled. So don’t worry if I don’t post a personal post in a while. There are still Writing Prompts (through July I might add) and plenty of art posts coming your way to make up for the lack of real time posts that I’ll be doing.

But if you are interested in some real time posts before sure to check out the Research Blog on my Woofing It project. It’s sure to be interesting. I’ll be posting the articles I’m reading, interviews, pictures, and reflections on my experience doing this. It’ll be super fun I promise!

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