Sitting in Core 2

We are talking about blogging–right now–and my professor, who knows that I am an avid blogger–won’t let me contribute. Seemingly because I know too much. SO SINCE I AM NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE I figure I’ll just make a post about it.

Can you believe he shushed me? I kid you not he shushed me. Well fine then–I’m just gonna sit back here and think about what I’m going to do for this big research project. Maybe I’ll just leave and get some pizza.

Not allowed to answer questions. Hmph. It’s only the first night of class!!!

… So I’m coding a new site for Round Robin Writes, as you may have heard, and I’m just having some connection errors… also I messed up the carousel BUT FEAR NOT I have friends who code for a living and I’m sure they will teach me how to fix that.

Oh, I think they’re done now! Maybe I can start answering questions now!



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