Moving Sites

I think the title of the post says it all don’t you? I’m moving the site. I like WordPress, and so I’m taking it with me but I will be hosting my blog through a new service so that I can have complete freedom over my design and the files I upload. I’m also doing this for I’ve played around with most of the templates here on and I would like complete freedom at this point.

Which is great! Because it means I will need to keep on my coding skills. Which I have not been doing… whoops.Β 

Plus, we’ve started doing monthly podcasts on RRW and I would like to–at the very least–embed the files on our website (which I cannot do through

But if you don’t like WordPress why are you taking it with you and how? A good question followers! I like WordPress’s interface. It’s very easy to use and very handy. Drag and drop images, schedule posts for a later date and time, connection to all my social media accounts… I mean that makes managing all of my accounts that much easier. It’s also why you see some posts 3 or 4 times in my feeds. For which I apologize, but having the blog connected to the other accounts means that even when I forget to schedule tweets and statuses that the post still shows up in my feed somewhere.

It’s a good thing I promise.

Back to my point: I want more freedom with the design and layout of my website. Also with files. has been nice but I want to host my own audio and video and I don’t want to pay an additional fee for it… what with the fact that I’m broke and such.

So basically, just bare with me while I create these 2 sites.

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