Santa’s on my Naughty List

Today I took my dog and my boyfriend to the mall for all of us to get our pictures with Santa. Kiel, my boyfriend, and I do not have any nice photos of us together and I thought it would be a great opportunity. The mall near me, who shall get no recognition since I am so disappointed with the photos (mainly with Santa’s face), has pet photos with Santa on Sunday evenings. So we planned around our schedules and arrived early so that we could get our photos and be on our way.

Belle, my beautiful Labernard puppy that you have probably seen all over my social media accounts, was a very good girl for her first time for photos (and interacting with other dogs really).

Getting our pictures even went off without a hitch. Belle didn’t jump on Santa, he didn’t frighten her, and it all moved pretty quickly. So imagine my surprise when I receive this photo after our little shoot.

SS_DEPTFORD MALL_20141130_000012_P

Needless to say, I’m not overly thrilled with Santa’s “smiling face.” Honestly, it doesn’t even look like he tried here. I understand that he’s most likely been there since 8am, but if I’m going to pay for photos I expect every one in them to smile and look nice. When I got home I went straight to Photoshop and fixed them. Thank the universe that I am well versed in this program and have the skills that allow me to fix this problem. Here are the new pictures.

SS_DEPTFORD MALL_20141130_000014_P

SS_DEPTFORD MALL_20141130_000012

I’m very thankful that Google is full of millions of Santas who actually smiled and especially for this one who fits into these photos so well. In the mean time, that other Santa-he’s on my Naughty list.


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