It’s My Handy Dandy… Everything! (part 1) (repost)

Writing can take up a lot of space. Ok, my writing takes up a lot of space-maybe you are organized-I’m notWriting takes up space somewhere and if you are working on multiple pieces, or long pieces for that matter, it can get pretty hard to keep track of your progress and your plot.

For that reason, I am telling you all about the super fun apps that I use for my writing!


This application runs on your android phone. It keeps track of the word count for each of your projects and can be set to give you reminders to work on your piece.

It even has a reward system, which I don’t use. You can set the application to prompt you once a day to do a pomodoro, a timed writing session. Depending on how successful you are, which is measured by the word count you finish with, you can “take a break” or “eat a cookie.” I’m an adult, so I eat cookies whenever I feel like thank-you-very-much.

Overall, it’s a great app to keep track of your writing goals and keep you on a schedule.

RealTime Board

The planning step of my writing process is very visual. I like to have maps, character descriptions, unique vocabulary, and a lot of other story components in front of me.

Click the image to be taken to the RealTime Board example.

RealTime Board is an online whiteboard. You can make the board private, public, or work on it with other writers. You can even create a power point with it, which handles a lot like a Prezi.

Pictures, videos, music, text–it all integrates on RealTime Board. I personally enjoy it for the customization and easy navigation.


This is great for summarizing your work. LitLift let’s you create your books, plot lines, characters, settings, items (like all the horcruxes from Harry Potter), and even has a character name generator.

Although the interface isn’t aesthetically appealing, it is still a handy tool to help keep a very detailed outline of your work.

Google Drive/Dropbox

These are pretty well known, but as a writer you should utilize one if not both. Cloud storage, which is accessible by mobile device, is so important for any writer. Remaining connected with your work and the ability to connect with others on the same project is essential to the writing process.

Do it through cloud storage makes your bags lighter but there is another bonus: you don’t have to worry about someone ruining your only copy.

  SPECIAL NOTE: While I am pursuing my Masters degree in Writing I have decided to re-post my Writing Tip Tuesday posts in order to help keep content flowing and my workload lowered. As always-if you have a question about writing or an issue you would like me to address feel free to email me about it at Thanks for following!

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