Of Printers and Paupers


I’m in my third lab on campus which is either having a problem with the printer connection or just has no printer period. I actually remembered to print out my assignment at home but I had some things that I wanted to print out for a club meeting this evening.  Which obviously is not going to happen now unless I can get over to a lab with a printer.

frustration_2This really makes me want to pull my hair out. Come on, Rowan! It’s the first couple of weeks and you already have printer issues? It’s not even like these printers are out of paper by the way. These printers aren’t hooked up. Why is there an entire lab worth of computers not hooked up to the printer.

That’s a fail on you Rowan. Super Fail.

And these poor students in this lab now have to wait until 4:45 when there is a grand 15 minutes before their class to go print in the lab across the hall. Grrrr on you Rowan.

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