My Fiction Friday: No Fiction

I’m not working on anything currently and I haven’t made any significant progress on any other piece I’ve mentioned. My portfolio work has put a big dent in all of my progress.

I am currently finishing my capstone classes for my degree. In Rowan’s Writing Arts program, our portfolio consists of five submissions which are analyzed according to the department’s core values.

  1. Writing Arts students will demonstrate understanding of a variety of genre conventions and exhibit rhetorical adaptability in applying those conventions.
  2. Writing Arts students will understand theories of writing and reading and be able to apply them to their own writing.
  3. Writing Arts students will demonstrate the ability to critically read complex and sophisticated texts in a variety of subjects.
  4. Writing Arts students will be able to investigate, discover, evaluate and incorporate material into the creation of text.
  5. Writing Arts students will demonstrate self-critical awareness of their writing.
  6. Writing Arts students will understand the impact evolving technologies have on the creation of written texts.
  7. Writing Arts students will show an understanding of the power of the written word and that such power requires ethical responsibilities in its application.
  8. Writing Arts students will be familiar with the current standards and dynamic nature of grammar, mechanics, and usage and will be able to apply them appropriately.
  9. Writing Arts students will have knowledge of the professions available to them or will be able to articulate how they will apply their understanding of writing in their future career, or both.

They’re a mouthful — that’s for sure. So I’ve been working on my 20 paged analysis of five of my works. I find, as I always find, that I’m having trouble finishing it. I mean — how do you finish something like this? The ninth value is where my piece ends but it desperately needs a conclusion.

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