WTT: Privacy

Your writing is sacred even before it is finished. Whether you keep in a notebook and write out on the front lawn or you keep it on your computer and compose at your desk, the space you create in is also sacred and should be treated that way by you and everyone else.

As I’ve stated in some other Writing Tip Tuesday posts, my writing space is messy. Truthfully, although I do use the applications that I told you about in the last two Writing Tip Tuesday posts, I prefer working on my desk with a cork board, post-it notes, push pins, and yarn (to draw paths between scenes). If someone came into my space and cleaned it–a lot of my work would be undone.

It’s for this reason that I try to keep my space as clean as I can-even though it frequently resembles utter chaos. I often crumple up my notes only to come back to them later.

Lucky for me, I have made my point very clear to my family that this is my space and altering it in anyway can catastrophically effect any project I am working on.

I think the point is clear: your space is your space and others will not respect it if you do not.

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