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_240_360_Book.1200.coverLiz Tolsma’s Daisies are Forever is an intriguing piece of historical fiction set in the European Theater, a period of WWII when Stalin and his Soviets are invading Germany. The story follows Gisela Cramer, a German/American refugee, and Mitch Edwards, a British POW who escaped from a German stalag. Mitch is almost caught again because of his heinous German accent. Luckily for him, Gisela comes to his rescue, claiming he is her husband.

The couple’s lie is safe until they meet Kurt, a wounded German soldier, who has his eyes set on Gisela. Kurt and his friend Audra, present the most danger to Gisela and Mitch. More dangerous than the Tiefliegers and the Red Army.

Daisies are Forever was a great read for me. The relationships developed realistically and the danger to all the participants was real. Never once, was I comforted with the idea that a character might be safe from harm, rape, or death, simply because they were a main character.

I was delighted to read a WWII fiction that was not from the point of view of the concentration camps. I think we often forget that innocent civilians also suffered during that period and this book was a very intense reminder of that.

My only issue with the novel was its ending, which seemed to wrap up the story too quickly and too clean for my liking. However, it is still well worth the read for the delve into one of the most horrible periods in human history.

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