It’s My Handy-Dandy… Everything! (part 2)

Welcome back for the exciting conclusion to It’s My Handy Dandy… Everything! I will be discussing two more applications to help you keep your writing organized.


hemingwayHemingway helps you to trim out the useless verbiage in your writing. It measures the reading level of your writing, highlights your longer and more complex sentences, adverbs, words and/or phrases which can be simpler, and uses of the passive voice.


Write or Die

I’m new to Write or Die but I can certainly see it’s potential. It has many features including:

Reward Modehemingway

Using a slider, you can choose when you receive rewards. Will it be every 300 words? Every 1000 words?  Once you reach your quota you can set a picture to pop up on the screen.  Or you can make an executive decision to get up from the computer and walk around. Either way, it takes the responsibility of monitoring your word count off your shoulders for a little bit.

Stimulus Mode

You can customize your music and background to help soothe your writing, but it will all go away when you stop writing. Now that’s an incentive.

Consequence Mode

There are two different consequence modes: kamikaze mode and startle mode. As someone who is easily stressed neither of these modes seem entirely thrilling-but I assure you-they would motivate me to not lapse in my writing. In Kamikaze Mode, if you do not reach your set word count, or you lapse for too long in your writing, all of the vowels in your writing will disappear. In Startle Mode, you can disable the red text, which is used as a warning to let you know that a punishment is coming.

Unlike the other apps I’ve reviewed Write or Die is not free; it costs $20.


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