Sun burn and bruises and sprains… owww….

As per my bad form with my wrist, I have pulled a muscle in my right forearm. Between the increased weight of my bow, although it’s not much, and shooting 100 arrows a day 5 times a week I now have a very puffy forearm. The sunburn is because I completely forgot to wear sunscreen on the very beautiful sunny day. And now  have tan lines. Awesome. On Saturday, at practice with RUAC, I hit myself with my string–twice. And then again on Sunday, I did the same thing.

First it looked like this.
First it looked like this.
Then it looked like this.

I have started participating the a precision program where I can earn pins from the Adult Achievement Program. Yesterday was the first day. I shot 204/360. Not bad for my first time shooting 30 meters. I still shoot left. And before any one says anything, I know why I keep shooting left. I have been focusing through the sight instead of letting my peripheral vision do the work. So, now that I’m aware of that I will be keeping it in mind.

It’s really great to have a weekly incentive to shoot outside of my own desire to. I can’t wait to get my first pin and I am determined to get others.


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  1. now i remember you telling me you need to approve the comments before they show up, so only you will get to see this, but if you want to approve it anyway that’s fine by me.

    BTW, it’s your boyfriend, Hi boo bunny! ;3

    Have a good day today, and don’t let ’em get to ya. I love you so much. I know it’s been a stressful few weeks, but we’ll pull through it. Stay positive and remember how much i love you.


    (sigh) Your schmoopsie poo. (that hurt to type)


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