Rowan Archery Fudraiser

This is a message for all of my followers. Rowan Archery is a new club and as such we do not recieve funding from the school. We are running a booster campaign to sell T-shirts to help promote the club and to raise money for a number of things we need. Archery is an expensive sport and while we do have some spare club bows and arrows we do not have target butts, stands, uniforms, or even extra safety equipment like arm guards and finger tabs. Our first fundraiser, a fitness challenge, did not get a great turn out and so we are now trying again to raise some funds.
Next semester we will have on campis practice space but nothing to shoot at. Please, buy a t-shirt from the link provided below and help support Rowan Archery and get us off the ground. The shirts will be printed on May 1st and should be shipped to you by May 14th. Our Booster closed on April 30th so please make sure to buy one before then!

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