400 Arrows

Well… not quite 400. I’ve shot 375 total this week. School gets in the way of everything. I’m hoping that the summer allows me to be more dedicated to thos regimine than the school year does.

There were two little girls at the range today who were shooting for the first time ever. I had a little giggle when the youngest one asked me if I could hit the gold from the 10 yard line (it was raining today and the range I shoot at has marked their very short indoor range in yards and not meters). When I hit the gold ring she said “Wow…” all drawn out like I’d just done something Godlike.
Thinking about it now, I guess it must have seemed that way to her. I am still impressed when I watch the pros shoot a 10 from 70 meters away. They do it all the time but that thought never occurs to me when I watch.
I wish I had been a part of a JOAD. I didn’t really start shooting until I was 23 and I feel like I mossed out on a really cool experience.

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